work2future Completes Healthcare Study

work2future Completes Study of Healthcare in Silicon Valley: April 2013

San Jose, CA - work2future and the City of San Jose recently commissioned BW Research to complete a study of the employment challenges and opportunities associated with the Healthcare Industry in the region. The study examined the size and scope of the healthcare industry within Silicon Valley's economy and assessed how the changes in the demographoc, legislative, and technological landscape are all having significant impacts on the healthcare industry and its deman of talent. The research included feedback from the region's employers and provided initial ideas and consideratins for supporting both job-seekers and region healthcare employers. The findings from the study indicate that healthcare employment will continue to grow to become a larger portion of Silicon Valley's workforce through 2018, even while the composition of healthcare occupations and skills evolve to responf to the changes in the region's demand for different healthcare services. The study also identifies obstacles and strategie to support the healthcare industry as it looks to the uncertainty associated with 2014 and the widespread implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

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Contacts: Josh Williams, President BW Research,

                  Javier Vanga, work2future,

work2fuutre Completes Study of Healthcare in Silicon Valley