work2future Updating Plans


Under WIOA, a biennial update of regional and local plans is required in order to ensure plans remain current and account for “changes in labor market and economic conditions or in other factors affecting the implementation of the local plan” (29 U.S. Code § 3123). The California Workforce Development Board (State Board) has also made changes to the State Plan which require that Local Boards update their plans to keep them consistent with the policy direction of the State Plan. Pursuant to the State Plan modifications submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor in the spring of 2018 and approved on June 11, 2018, the State Board is providing guidance to Local Boards on the requirements associated with local and regional planning modifications.

Required components for the Local Plan modifications include the following:

  • Coordination of services for CalFRESH recipients
  • Coordination of services with local Child Support Agency
  • Strategies to enhance Competitive Integrated Employment
  • Services for English language learners, the foreign born and refugees

Next Steps:

  • Smaller stakeholder group meetings by topic are taking place for new partners
  • The Draft Local Plan and Draft Regional Plan are expected to be released in mid-January 2018 with a 30-day public comment period to follow and opportunity to share comments electronically
  • Plan modifications are due to the State for approval by March 15, 2019

work2future as the locally-driven system will continue to develop these partnerships and provide programs and services to achieve three main policy objectives established by the California Workforce Development Strategic Plan, which includes the following:

  • Foster demand-driven skills attainment
  • Enable upward mobility for all Californians
  • Align, coordinate, and integrate programs and services

These objectives will be accomplished by ensuring access to high-quality AJCC that provide the full range of services available in the community for all customers seeking employment and training assistance.

work2future Updating Plans